Groove Pillow’s path to personalized e-commerce

Find out how Spell & Sell's expertise enhanced Groove Pillow's e-commerce performance, delivering magic to their shopping journey.

Meet Groove Pillow, a pioneering company on a mission to revolutionize the way we sleep. Committed to crafting the ultimate pillow for modern living, Groove Pillow combines unparalleled support and comfort.

Beyond the realm of innovative products, the company’s focus extends to a personalized customer experience. Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, Groove Pillow has crafted an e-commerce platform that mirrors the tailored care embedded in their pillows.

Partnering with Spell & Sell for a touch of magic, Groove Pillow aims to enchant customers with a shopping journey as distinct and delightful as their revolutionary pillows.

Unlocking the potential of Groove Pillow’s e-commerce journey

Despite having initially embraced a Headless architecture for their e-commerce platform, Groove Pillow faced a significant challenge—underutilization of its full potential. Although armed with the flexibility and scalability that Headless architecture provides, the company found itself not fully capitalizing on the opportunity to design a superior e-commerce experience.

Groove Pillow recognized that they could enhance optimization and offer a more personalized journey to users by unlocking the true capabilities of their Headless setup.

Crafting a tailored solution

Spell & Sell offered Groove Pillow a tailored solution designed to precisely align with their Headless architecture. Implementing a multimarket internalization strategy encompassing both the US and UK markets, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign effort.

This involved the creation of the new modules and the modification of existing ones, resulting in a substantial transformation of the entire homepage’s UX/UI.

The revamped version not only offered a more informative and engaging user experience but also strategically highlighted what sets Groove® Pillow apart in the competitive foam pillow market. By providing easy access to a wealth of product information, we ensured that customers could make informed decisions effortlessly.

The integration of strategically placed Call-to-action (CTA) buttons throughout the page facilitated a streamlined buying journey, enhancing overall conversion rates. This thoughtful design not only increased interactivity with the original Groove® Pillow but also with a broader range of their products.

The comprehensive optimization delivered a vastly improved and more personalized shopping journey, solidifying the Groove Pillow’s commitment to excellence in both product and user experience.

Optimizing excellence

The successful implementation of this project involved a meticulous focus on technical optimizations across various facets:

  • CI/CD Optimization:
    Streamlined Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline on Netlify using best practices.
    Reduced deployment bottlenecks for efficient scaling by developer teams.
  • User Insights:
    Implemented tracking and analytics for deep insights into user behavior.
    Fostered data-driven decision-making.
  • Product Synchronization:
    Replaced custom synchronization script with Sanity Connect plugin.
    Ensured seamless data flow between Shopify and Sanity.
  • Site Performance:
    Conducted a thorough review to enhance site speed.
    Removed redundant scripts and fonts for a smoother browsing experience.
  • SEO Strategies:
    Implemented canonical and hreflang tags for improved online visibility and ranking.
  • Server-side Tracking:
    Enabled extensive data collection for a more accurate representation of user interactions.
  • Third-party Integration:
    Integrated Shopify Scripts using Ruby for precise reflection of client-requested discounts.
  • User Reviews Optimization:
    Shifted from to Okendo Reviews for improved user-generated content management.
  • A/B Testing (UK Market):
    Conducted around 40 A/B tests using Google Optimize.
    Carried out 5 tests using VWO for further refinement.
  • AB Testing (US Market):
    Conducted optimization with 59 A/B tests using Google Optimize.

The impact of redesign

The comprehensive redesign of Groove Pillow’s user interface and overall user experience has yielded remarkable results, marking a significant transformation in customer engagement and business growth. Thanks to the extensive changes and dedicated efforts, the company now offers a vastly improved and more personalized shopping journey for their customers.

This overhaul not only enhanced the overall user experience but also contributed to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The optimization measures implemented have proven to be instrumental in fostering a stronger connection between the brand and its audience, ultimately translating into positive business outcomes for Groove Pillow.

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