The evolution of Diggs: A collaborative journey with Spell & Sell

Spell & Sell's expertise empowers Diggs to redefine pet ownership. Explore how advanced tech and intuitive design create a seamless shopping experience.

Driven by a team of pet lovers, Diggs focuses on safety, smart design, and practical solutions. Their goal is to transform pet ownership with thoughtful products that cater to both pets and humans.

They are dedicated to enhancing the pet ownership experience through responsible design. Diggs not only offers innovative products but also wants an online store that aligns with their mission of providing the best for dog owners.

Just as love for dogs brings people together, the shared goal of delivering exceptional user experiences unites brands. This shared vision led one of our former clients to enthusiastically recommend Spell & Sell, to create Diggs' website.

Building a robust online store for rapid growth

As the demand for Diggs' products grew rapidly, the need for a strong online store became clear. Spell & Sell understood the importance of a platform that could manage a growing customer base efficiently.

To meet these needs, we provided Diggs with an online store maintenance service using advanced technologies. By using a headless CMS like Sanity, we separated content from design, making updates easy while ensuring a consistent user experience.

We integrated Shopify with Sanity using the Sanity Connect plugin, enabling real-time synchronization between content management and the Shopify storefront without custom development.

This combination of technologies gave Diggs the flexibility to manage content effortlessly while ensuring a fast, scalable, and adaptable e-commerce platform for future challenges.

Additionally, we implemented multi-country support for operations in Canada and the United States. The entire site is pre-rendered for speed and served from local nodes of Netlify's global edge network, ensuring a responsive storefront experience.

Tracking, integration, and testing strategies

Following successful website maintenance, our partnership with Diggs expanded over two years. We provided tailored services to enhance user experience and functionality, including:

Tracking and analytics:

  • Implemented tracking systems to observe user behavior, track traffic sources, and analyze conversion rates.
  • Set up event tracking for precise user engagement data.

Server-side tracking:

  • Used server-side tracking for improved data accuracy and user privacy protection.

Third-party integrations:

  • Integrated tools like Mulberry for warranties, CJ for affiliate marketing, Friendbuy for customer acquisition, and Klaviyo for email automation.

A/B testing:

  • Conducted A/B tests to optimize conversion rates, especially on Product Detail Pages (PDPs).


  • Implemented accessibility standards to make the website user-friendly for diverse needs.

As Diggs grew, they introduced new products requiring bundle offerings. We added features for Bundle Product Detail Pages, allowing Diggs to curate bundles easily. Users appreciated this, leading to increased sales and satisfaction with the bundle approach.

A comprehensive rebranding and website revamp

After this, Diggs embarked on an exciting rebranding journey, completely transforming every aspect of their brand. They introduced a new logo, vibrant colors, and redesigned packaging to inject freshness and innovation.

The climax of this transformation was the revamp of their website, a significant milestone in our partnership. Beyond just looks, the website underwent a complete functional overhaul, aiming to provide a seamless experience for users.

Our previous collaboration with Diggs provided valuable insights into maintaining a consistent user experience. Through collaborative efforts, we aligned our vision with theirs to achieve common goals.

In just three months, we crafted a new user interface and experience, working closely with Diggs' team to meet shared deadlines.

Streamlining design for seamless shopping

We embarked on a mission to redefine Diggs' online presence, focusing on both website redesign and enhancing user experience.

Previously, navigating Diggs' PDP felt chaotic and overwhelming, with cluttered features making it hard to find essential information. With an array of new products introduced, efficient search and categorization became crucial.

We cleaned up the design, toning down colors and simplifying elements to highlight key details and improve user exploration. We prioritized visibility, ensuring easy access to product categories while scrolling.

The new website design, characterized by clean lines and emphasis on convenience and style, perfectly reflected Diggs' offerings. It seamlessly combined artistry, innovation, and shopping convenience, resulting in a visual transformation.

Our crafted visual identity not only showcased Diggs’ commitment to solving real problems for both pets and humans but also positioned the brand as a beacon of excellence in the e-commerce world. The new UX/UI, a fusion of form and function, ensured an intuitive and seamless shopper journey, accentuating Diggs’ exquisite collections and products.

By empowering customers to explore the brand’s offerings effortlessly, we aimed to ensure that the online store thrives in the digital realm, placing the user at the core of our design philosophy.

Strategic development for adaptability

Planning phase:

We prioritized agility, accessibility, and an enhanced CMS for the new Diggs site, aiming for functionality beyond just aesthetics. Scalability was crucial to accommodate Diggs' growth, ensuring the platform could evolve with the brand.

Development phase:

Given the tight timeline, we strategically restructured the existing project. Quality assurance remained paramount as we integrated fresh elements while preserving what worked. Flexibility in content management was key, leading us to develop custom modules tailored to Diggs' complex needs.

These modules act as digital building blocks, offering Diggs the freedom to create dynamic experiences hassle-free. This approach not only streamlined their process but also showcased our team’s forward-thinking approach to web development, prioritizing flexibility and adaptability for the future.

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